Liverpool Schools and Colleges - Liverpool Streets A to Z - 1901

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Liverpool Schools and Colleges Names
Index A to Z - 1901

Liverpool Schools and Colleges Names Index A-Z 1901

The Liverpool Schools and Colleges Names Index lists over 700 schools and colleges. Not all that have ever existed in Liverpool will be listed. Some have long gone, others have been merged, amalgamated and name changed more than once and some early records are simply incorrect.

The map reference links are intended to show the general location and area for those who might be unfamiliar with those areas and, in some cases, where the original streets have been redeveloped.

However, those of you researching past relatives, armed only with a school name, may now be able to put an address and location with it.

Schools and Colleges Names Index

E J O T  

    Abbot's Lea Beaconsfield Rd, Woolton
    Abbotsford Road Secondary Modern Abbotsford Road
F 3   Abercromby Nursery Falkner Street
    Ackers Hall Maidford Road
D 4   Addison St Industrial Addison Street
    Aigburth C of E Aigburth Vale
    Aigburth Vale High School Aigburth Vale
    Aintree Davenhill Aintree Lane
    Aintree Hospital School Aintree
    Aintree School Aintree Village
    Aintree School Melling Road
    Alderwood Alderwood Avenue, Speke
D 4   Alexander Pope Street Day Industrial Alexander Pope Street
    Alice Elliot School for the Deaf Childwall Lane
    All Hallows RC Secondary Alderwood Road, Speke
D 2   All Saints RC Oakfield - Infants
Townsend Lane - Juniors, Secondary
E 3   All Saints C of E Great Newton Street
    All Saints C of E Speke Hall Estate
D 3   All Souls RC Collingwood Street
D 4   All Souls National Eaton Street, Vauxhall
    Allerton Primary School Bookers Cottages, Greenhill Road, Allerton
    Allerton Priory Allerton Road
    Alsop High School Queens Drive, Walton
C 2   Anfield Comprehensive Priory Road
C 2   Anfield Road Anfield Road, Anfield
E 3   Archbishop Blanch C of E Mount Vernon Road
D 3   Archbishop Whiteside RC Silvester Street
C 2   Arnot Street Arnot Street, Walton
G 2   Arundel Central School for Girls Arundel Avenue
D 4   Ashfield Street Ashfield Street
G 2   Aspen Grove Aspen Grove, Lodge Lane, Toxteth
    Aughton Road Aughton Road, Bootle
    Balliol School Quarry Road, Bootle
E 2   Balm Street Balm Street
    Bank View Sherwoods Lane, Fazakerley
E 1   Bankfield Girls School Bankfield
B 3   Bankhall Institute Stanley Road, Kirkdale
B 3   Bankhall Girls Institute Stanley Road, Kirkdale
    Banks Road Banks Road, Garston
B 2   Barlows Barlow Lane, Walton
D 3   Bartimaeus Bute Street
    Beach Road Beach Road, Litherland
G 4   Beaufort Park Rhyl Street, Dingle
F 4   Beaufort Street Beaufort Street, Toxteth Park
F 2   Bective Street Bective Street, Toxteth Park
F 3   Bedford College for Young Ladies Bedford Street South
B 2   Bedford Road Bedford Road, Bootle
E 3   Bedford Street Ragged School (Industrial) Bedford Street North
E 2   Beech Street Beech Street, Kensington (Stanley)
    Beechenhurst Menlove Avenue
    Belle Vale Besford Road
G 3   Bellerive RC Windermere Terrace
G 3   The Belvedere School for Girls Belvidere Road, Toxteth
E 4   Benns Gardens Charity School Benns Gardens
G 4   Beresford Road Ragged School Beresford Road, Toxteth Park
F 1   Birchfield Road Birchfield Road
D 3   Bishop Goss RC Rose Place, Cazneau Street
    Bishop Martin Woolton
    Bishop O'Reillys RC Honeysgreen Lane, West Derby
    Black Horse Lane Black Horse Lane, Broadgreen
    Blackmoor Park Leyfield Road, West Derby
F 3   Blackburne House Hope Street
A 1   Blessed Sacrament RC Park Vale Road, Walton
E 4   Blue Coat School School Lane, Paradise Street
G 1   Blue Coat School Church Road, Wavertree
    Blueberry Park Ackers Hall Avenue
E 2   Boaler Street Boaler Street
D 3   Bond Street Mixed Day Industrial School Bond Street
    Booker Avenue Booker Avenue, Allerton
A 3   Bootle High Browns Lane, Netherton
A 3   Bootle Technical School Balliol Road, Bootle
C 2   Boys Catholic Orphanage Industrial School Beacon Lane, Everton
D 3   Boys Refuge Industrial School for Catholic Boys Soho Street
D 3   Boys Refuge Industrial School for Catholic Boys St Anne Street
E 2   Brae Street Brae Street, Kensington
    Broad Square Primary Broad Square, Norris Green
C 2   Breckfield Secondary School Venice St (until 1974), Hamilton Road, Loraine Rd
    Broadgreen Mill Lane - Infants
Oakhill Rd - Juniors
Queens Drive - High
E 3   Bronte Street Welsh Charity School Bronte Street
    Broughton Hall RC Girls Yew Tree Lane, West Derby
E 3   Brunswick Erskine Street
E 2   Butler Street Butler Street
    Calder High School Calderstones Rd
E 3   Caledonian Free School Oldham Street
D 3   Campion High RC (Bilateral) Salisbury Street, Everton
Prince Edwin Street, Everton
F 1   Canon Kennedy RC Edge Lane
    Cantril Farm JM and Infants Mab Lane
    Cardinal Allen Grammar, RC Honeysgreen Lane, West Derby
D 2   Cardinal Godfrey RC Breck Road
    Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School Honeysgreen Lane, West Derby
    Cardinal Newman Boys RC Queens Drive, Childwall
    Carleton House RC Prep Mossley Hill
Menlove Avenue - Cromptons Lane 2009
    Carr Lane County Comprehensive Carr Lane - Upper School
Abbotsford Rd - Lower School
F 3   Catholic Female Orphanage Falkner Street
    Catholic High School and Kindergarten Alexandra Road, Waterloo
    Catholic Institute Hope St
St Domingo Road, Everton in 1920
Sandfield Park, West Derby, in 1938
    Central School Litherland
    Chatham Place Nursery Chatham Place, Edge Hill
F 2   Chatsworth Street Chatsworth Street, Edge Hill
    Childwall C of E Woolton Road, Childwall
    Childwall Sports College Queens Drive, Wavertree
    Childwall Valley High School Childwall Valley Road
    Christ the King RC Meadway, Wavertree
    Christ Church Lark Lane, Sefton Park
B 3   Christchurch C of E Hawthorne Road, Bootle
E 3   Christchurch C of E Christian Street
Anderson Street, Everton
    Christchurch C of E Bath Street, Waterloo
D 4   Church of England North Bond Street
    Church of England School Whitfield Street, Toxteth Park
F 4   Church of England South Cornwallis Street
B 2   City of Liverpool Technical School Carisbrook Street, County Road
F 4   Cleveland Ragged School Great George Street
    Clifford Holroyde School Thingwall Lane, Knotty Ash
F 2   Clint Street Clint Street, Edge Hill
    Clubmoor County Comprehensive Garsfield Road
    Colwell Colwell Road
    Convent of Mercy Yew Tree Lane, West Derby
    Corinthian Inigo Road, Old Swan area
A 3   Countess of Derby Browne Street, Bootle
    Craighurst Craighurst Road, Netherley
C 3   Cranmer Wesleyan School Boundary Street, Vauxhall Road
D 3   Crescent Chapel School William Henry Street
F 4   Croppers Charity School Upper Harrington Street
    Crosby Road North Crosby Road North
    Cross Farm Victoria Falls Road, Netherley
    Croxteth Comprehensive Stonebridge Lane, Croxteth
    Croxteth CP Moss Way
C 3   Daisy Street Daisy Street, Kirkdale
    De la Salle Catholic Boys Carr Lane East
    Dingle Lane Dingle Lane
F 2   Dove Street Dove Street
    Dovecot Winstone Road
    Dovecot Special School Pilch Lane, Knotty Ash
    Dovedale Herondale Road, Allerton
    Druids Cross Reformatory School for Girls Wavertree
F 4   Duke Street Ragged School Duke Street
    Duncombe Road Duncombe Road, Garston
    Dyson Hall Fazakerley
F 2   Earle Road Earle Road, Edge Hill
    East Prescot Road East Prescot Road, Knotty Ash
E 2   Edge Hill School Brae St - Infants and Girls Secondary
Durning Rd - Boys Secondary
    Eileen Craven Teulon Street, Walton
    Ellergreen Ellergreen Road, Norris Green
E 2   Emanuel C of E Mill Road, Everton
A 3   Emmanuel Balliol Road, Bootle
    Emmaus RC and C of E Fir Tree Drive South, Croxteth
C 3   English Martyrs Catholic Fountains Road, Kirkdale
    English Martyrs Catholic School Lane, Litherland
F 2   Ernest Brown Junior Instruction Centre Durning Road
    Evered Avenue Central Evered Avenue, Walton
D 3   Everton Boys Industrial School Soho Street
D 2   Everton Road Early Childhood Centre Spencer Street, Everton
D 3   Everton Terrace Industrial Ragged School Everton Terrace
E 2   Fairfield (Kensington) C of E Cottenham Street
E 1   Fairfield Sheil Road
E 1   Fairfield Institute for Boys Sheil Road
    Fazakerley Formosa Drive
    Fazakerley High School Sherwoods Lane, Fazakerley
    Fazakerley National School Higher Lane
    Fazakerley Open Air School Higher Lane
    Finch Park Fincham Road
    Fincham County Primary Colwell Road
    Florence Melly Primary Bushey Road, Walton
B 3   Fonthill Road Fonthill Road, Kirkdale
C 3   Fountains Road Fountains Road, Kirkdale
D 3   Friary Catholic Bute Street
E 4   Friends School Hackins Hey
    Garston National School Kettle Nook, Garston
    Garston National School School Street, Garston
    Garston C of E Holman Road, Garston
    Garston Technical School Chapel Street, Garston
    Garston Wesleyan Methodist Island Road, Garston
    Gateacre Comprehensive Grange Lane
    Gilmoss Catholic School Parkstile Lane
    Gilmour, Garston Southbank Road - Infants
Duncombe Road - Juniors
Heath Road - Senior
C 3   Girls Industrial School Northumberland Terrace, Everton
    Gonzaga Longview, Huyton
F 3   Granby Street Granby Street, Toxteth Park
D 2   Granton Road Granton Road, Everton
    Great Crosby Forefield Lane
F 4   Great George Square Catholic Great George Square (Convent)
F 4   Great George Street Chapel School Great George Street
D 3   Great Homer Prince Edwin Street, Everton
    Great Oxford Street School Great Oxford Street North
    Greenbank Mossley Avenue
    Greenways Beechwood Road, Garston
F 3   Grey Street Grey Street, Bootle
C 2   Gladys Street Walton Lane, Anfield
    Halsall Girls National School Cooks Road, Great Crosby
    Harold Magnay Woolton
F 4   Harrington Stanhope Street, Toxteth Park
E 3   Harrison Jones County Primary West Derby Street
G 2   Hartington Road Hartington Road
    Hatton Hill Alwyn Avenue, Litherland
B 3   Hawthorne Road Council School Hawthorne Road, Bootle
    Heath Road School Heath Road, Allerton
E 3   Hebrew Higher Grade School Bedford Street North
F 3   Hebrew Institute Suffolk Street
Nelson Street
Hope Place
    Hey Green Council School Broxton Street
Taunton Street
D 3   Heyworth Street Heyworth Street, Everton
    Highfield Comprehensive Queens Drive, Broadgreen, L13
    Hightown Truants School Hightown
F 4   Hill Street Ragged School Hill Street, Toxteth Park
    Hillfoot Hey School Lane, Woolton
B 2   Hillside High Breeze Hill, Bootle
    Holly Lodge Queens Drive, West Derby
    Hollylea Greenbank Road
    Holt Comprehensive Queens Drive
Olive Mount
Thingwall Road
E 4   Holy Cross RC Fontenoy Street
Hunter Street
    Holy Family RC Leyfield Road, West Derby
    Holy Family Catholic High Virgins Lane, Thornton
    Holy Ghost RC Poulsom Drive, Netherton
    Holy Name RC Mosspits Lane, Fazakerley
    Holy Rosary RC Primary Aintree Lane, Litherland
    Holy Rosary RC Primary Oriel Road, Litherland
    Holy Trinity Catholic Banks Road, Garston
G 1   Holy Trinity C of E Prince Alfred Road, Wavertree
D 1   Holy Trinity C of E Richmond Park, Breck Road
E 3   Holy Trinity C of E Wilton Street
F 4   Holy Trinity C of E Ashwell Street, Toxteth Park
F 4   Holy Trinity C of E Beaufort Street, Toxteth Park
F 4   Holy Trinity C of E Grafton Street, Toxteth Park
F 4   Holy Trinity C of E Nile Street, Toxteth Park
E 4   Homersham and Harwood Nautical School Paradise Street
    Hope School Naylorsfield Drive, Netherley
F 3   Hope Street Council School Upper Hope Place
F 3   Hope Street Unitarian Higher Grade School Caledonia Street
D 1   Hope Valley Walton Breck Road
E 4   Hunter Street Free School Hunter Street
    Hunts Cross Kingsthorne Road
    Huyton C of E - infants Derby Road, Huyton
Station Road, Roby
    Huyton C of E Damhouse Lane, Huyton
    Huyton Hey Seel Road, Huyton
    Huyton Hill Victoria Road, Huyton
    Indefatigable and National Sea Training School for Boys Rock Ferry, River Mersey
F 4   Independent Infants School Nelson Street
D 2   John Hamilton Comprehensive Downing Wing, Hamilton Road
Loraine Wing, Loraine Street/font>
    Joseph Williams Primary Naylorsfield Drive
    King David High School and Primary Childwall Road
Beauclair Drive
G 3   Kingsley Everseley Street
    Kingsthorne Hunts Cross
    Kirkdale (North Shore) C of E North Shore, Kirkdale
C 2   Kirkdale Industrial Day School Westminster Road
    Kirkdale Industrial School Bootle Lane, Kirkdale
C 3   Kirkdale National School Everton Valley
C 3   Kirkdale Road Ragged School Kirkdale Road
C 3   Kirkdale School Owen Road
C 3   Kirkdale Saint Lawrence C of E Fonthill Road
    Knolle Park Poor Law School Beaconsfield Road, Woolton
    Knowsley Road Knowsley Road, Bootle
    La Sagesse RC Aigburth Road, Grassendale
    Lancashire Reformatory for RC Girls May Place, Broadgreen
C 3   Lambeth County Secondary Lambeth Road
    Lander Road Lander Road, Litherland
G 1   Lawrence Road Lawrence Road, Wavertree
    Leamington Road Leamington Road, Norris Green
    Leyfield RC Leyfield Road, West Derby
G 1   Lidderdale Lidderdale Road
A 3   Linacre School Thornton Road, Bootle
    Lisieux Catholic Infants Utting Avenue, Norris Green
E 1   Lister Drive Lister Drive, Tuebrook
    Litherland High Sterrix Lane, Litherland
    Little Woolton C of E School Gateacre
G 2   Liverpool College Lodge Lane
Mossley Hill
F 3   Liverpool College for Girls Crown Street
E 3   Liverpool Collegiate School Shaw Street
    Liverpool Farm School for Boys Newton-le-Willows
E 2   Liverpool Girls Reformatory Mount Vernon Green
C 3   Liverpool Industrial School for Girls St Domingo Road, Everton
F 3   Liverpool Institute and School of Art Mount Street
F 3   Liverpool Institute High School for Girls Blackburne Place
E 4   Liverpool Nautical College Colquitt Street
Seel Street
D 3   Liverpool Orphanage Industrial School for Catholic Boys Everton Crescent
F 3   Liverpool School for the Blind Hardman Street
F 3   Liverpool School of Music Bedford Street South
E 3   Liverpool Talmud Torah School Great Orford Street
Bedford Street
D 2   Lombard Street Council School Lombard Street
    Longmoor Lane Longmoor Lane
D 2   Loraine Street Loraine Street
    Lower Lea Beaconsfield Road, Woolton
    Mab Lane Mab Lane, Norris Green
    Mackets Lane Arncliffe Road, Hunts Cross
    Maidford Road Maidford Road
C 2   Major Lester Sherlock Street
C 3   Major Street Major Street
    Malvern Huyton
E 4   Manesty Lane Manesty Lane
E 4   Mann Island Infants School Mann Island
E 2   Manual Instruction Centre (Everton) West Derby Road
G 4   Manual Instruction Centre (Toxteth) Mill Street, Toxteth
F 2   Manual Instruction Centre (Wavertree) Nelson Road, Wavertree Road
    Margaret Beavan Almonds Green, West Derby
E 4   Mariners Daughters School Georges Dock
    Mary Help of Christians RC Stonebridge Lane, Croxteth
    Matthew Arnold Dingle Lane
    Meadow Bank Sherwoods Lane, Fazakerley
    Melling Wheeler Drive, Melling
    Merchant Taylors Liverpool Road, Great Crosby
    Mersey View Minehead Road, Aigburth
D 4   Methodist Wesleyan Bispham Street
E 3   Methodist Wesleyan Epworth Street
D 3   Methodist Wesleyan Great Homer Street
F 3   Methodist Wesleyan Heath Street, Toxteth Park
F 4   Methodist Wesleyan Jamaica Street, Jordan Street
E 3   Methodist Wesleyan Moss Street
D 3   Methodist Wesleyan Scotland Road
E 3   Methodist Wesleyan - Hibernian Free School Pleasant Street
    Middlefield Primary Alderwood Road, Speke
    Millstead Mill Lane, Wavertree
    Millwood Greenway Road, Speke
D 2   Monk Street Monk Street, Everton
    Monksdown Primary Frinstead Road, Norris Green
E 4   Moorfields Moorfields
    Morrison Mossley Avenue, Mossley Hill
    Mosspits Mosspits Lane, Childwall
D 4   Mother Teresa RC Titchfield Street, Everton
E 3   Mount Pleasant RC Mount Pleasant
    Much Woolton RC Watergate Lane, Woolton
    Much Woolton School School Lane, Much Woolton
E 4   Municipal Central Technical School Byrom Street
D 3   Nash Grove Ragged School Prince Edwin Street, Everton
D 3   Netherfield Road Council School Netherfield Road South
    Netherton Moss Swifts Lane, Netherton
    Netherton Park Chester Avenue, Bootle
    New Heys Heath Road
E 2   Newsham Boaler Street - Primary
Sheil Road - Secondary
    Norman Pannell Brownbill Bank, Netherley
D 4   North Corporation Bevington Bush
Blackstock Street
A 1   Northcote Northcote Road, Walton
D 3   North Liverpool Academy Heyworth Street
    Northway Walgrave Road, Wavertree
F 3   Notre Dame High School Maryland Street
C 3   Notre Dame Collegiate RC Everton Valley
    Notre Dame Catholic Girls, Woolton Speke Road, Woolton
F 2   Nugent RC Boys School Overbury Street
E 3   Oakes Street Oakes Street
E 4   Old Church C of E Leather Lane - 1790
Moorfields - 1807
    Old Swan Technical School Broadgreen Road
    Olive Mount Childwall Road
    Orrell Primary Sefton Road, Bootle
E 3   Oulton Secondary School Clarence Street
D 4   Our Lady and St Nicholas C of E Eaton Street
    Our Lady and St Philomenas RC Sparrow Hall Road
    Our Lady and St Swithins RC Gilmoss
    Our Lady Bishop Eton RC Green Lane, Mossley Hill
D 4   Our Lady RC
orig Our Lady of Reconciliation
Eldon St
C 3   Our Lady Immaculate RC Northumberland Terrace, Everton
D 2   Our Lady of Fatima High School RC Margaret Street
G 1   Our Lady of Good Help RC 1872 - Chestnut Grove, Wavertree
1970 - South Drive, Wavertree
G 3   Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC Chipping Street, Toxteth Park
    Our Lady of the Assumption RC Hartsbourne Avenue, Belle Vale
    Our Lady of Walsingham RC Stand Park Avenue, Bootle
    Our Lady Queen of Peace RC Ford Close, Litherland
D 3   Our Lady, Star of the Sea RC Kepler Street, Everton
F 3   Oxford Street Ragged School (Industrial) Oxford Street
E 2   Paddington High School Mount Vernon Green
    Palmerston Beaconsfield Road, Woolton
    Park Hall Huyton Hey Road
E 4   Park Lane School Park Lane
G 4   Park Road Ragged School (Industrial) Park Road
G 4   Park Street Ragged School (Industrial) Park Street, Toxteth Park
G 4   Parkhill Road Parkhill Road, Toxteth Park
    Parklands High School Central Avenue, Speke
D 3   Penrhyn Street Penrhyn Street, Everton
    Pinehurst Pinehurst Avenue
E 3   Pleasant Street Pleasant Street, Liverpool
E 3   Presbyterian School Mount Pleasant
D 3   Prince Edwin Primary Prince Edwin Street
D 2   Prince Rupert
Steers Street
Steers Street
G 3   Princes Park Secondary Modern Princes Park
F 3   Princes School Selbourne Street
E 4   Prior Academy St Peters, Church Lane
E 3   Quakers School London Road
E 4   Quakers School Quakers Alley, Hackins Hey
    Quarry Bank High School for Boys Harthill Road, Calderstones
C 2   Queen Mary High School Anfield Road, Anfield
Long Lane, Fazakerley
    Queen of All Saints RC Secondary Townsend Lane, Anfield
F 3   Queens College Mount Street
D 2   Queens Road Queens Road, Everton
F 2   Queensland Street School Board Day Industrial Queensland Street, Edge Hill
E 2   Rathbone Albany Road, Kensington
    Rawson Road Rawson Road, Seaforth
    Redbridge High Sherwoods Lane, Fazakerley
A 1   Rice Lane, Walton Lynwood Road - Infants
Brockenhurst Road - Juniors
    Rimrose Hope Sandy Lane, Seaforth
    Roberts Primary Pennington Avenue, Bootle
Lisburn Lane School
Alison Road - Infants
Ballantyne Road - Juniors
Garsfield Road - Senior Girls
D 3   Roscommon Street Roscommon Street, Everton
E 4   Royal Institution School Seel Street
    Rudston Rudston Road, Childwall
    Ruffwood Roughwood Drive, Northwood, Kirkby
    Runnymede RC Sandfield Park, West Derby
    Rupert Road Rupert Road, Huyton
E 2   Sacred Heart RC Mount Vernon Green
Hall Lane
A 3   Salesian College Stanley Road, Bootle
    Salesian Grammar School Netherton Way
    Salisbury Road Salisbury Road, Bootle
D 3   Salisbury Street
orig St Augustines C of E
Salisbury Street
    Sandfield Park Sandfield Walk
C 3   School of Manual Instruction Rickman Street, Kirkdale
    Seafield Convent School Liverpool Road, Crosby
E 1   Seamen’s Orphanage Newsham Park
    Sefton County Primary Brickwall Lane, Sefton Village
G 2   Sefton Park High School Arundel Avenue
F 2   Sefton Park Smithdown Road
D 3   Shaw Street Special School Shaw Street
E 1   Sheil Road Sheil Road
C 2   Sherlock Street Sherlock Street
orig Dingle Vale Secondary Modern
Dingle Lane
G 4   South Corporation Industrial Day School Northumberland Street
    South Liverpool School for Girls Alexandra Drive, Sefton Park
    Special School for Mentally Defective Girls Allerton Priory
    Speke Comprehensive
orig Speke Secondary Modern
Central Avenue - Upper School
Stapleton Avenue - Lower School
    Springwood Danefield Road, L19
C 3   Stanley Road Board School Stanley Road
    St Agnes RC Oak Vale, Broadgreen
    St Agnes RC Primary St Johns Road, Huyton
E 4   St Agnes School of Domestic Science Boundary Street
    St Aidans School Huyton
C 3   St Albans RC Boundary Street
B 3   St Alexanders RC St Johns Road, Kirkdale
    St Aloysius RC Twig Lane, Huyton
C 3   St Alphonsus RC Back Great Mersey Street
    St Ambrose Barlow RC
orig Blessed Ambrose Barlow
Queens Drive, Broadgreen
    St Ambrose Barlow RC Copy Lane, Bootle
    St Ambrose RC Primary Alderfield Drive, Speke
E 4   St Andrews Free C of E Fleet Street
    St Anne (Stanley) C of E Derby Lane, Stoneycroft
F 2   St Annes RC Primary Goulden Street, Edge Hill
Overbury Street, Edge Hill
F 2   St Annes Industrial School for RC Girls Mason Street, Edge Hill
    St Annes RC Huyton
    St Annes National School Aigburth Vale
    St Anthony of Padua RC
orig Convent of Mercy
Green Lane, Wavertree
Sands Road, Mossley Hill
D 3   St Anthonys RC Newsham Street, Scotland Road
C 3   St Athanasius C of E Chancel Street
D 4   St Augustines Catholic Primary Upper William Street
Stone Street
D 3   St Augustines C of E
1912 Salisbury Street School
Salisbury Street
    St Augustine of Canterbury
later St Thomas a Beckett
    St Augustines Secondary Modern Bootle
    St Austins RC Aigburth Road, Grassendale
Riverbank Road
F 4   St Barnabas C of E Greenland Street
D 4   St Bartholomews C of E Naylor Street
D 3   St Benedicts C of E Kepler Street, Everton
    St Benets RC Copy Lane, Netherton
F 3   St Bernards RC Primary Kingsley Road, Toxteth Park
Alt Street, Toxteth Park
A 1   St Bonaventures Cedar Road, Walton
F 3   St Brides C of E Grey Street, Toxteth Park
D 3   St Bridgets RC Primary Limekiln Lane
G 1   St Bridgets C of E
aka Wavertree
Bagot Street, Wavertree
    St Brigids RC Primary Waterpark Drive, Stockbridge Village
aka Waterpark Drive, Cantril Farm
orig Scotland Road area, Vauxhall
D 3   St Brigids
orig Archbishop Whiteside
Silvester Street
C 3   St Catherines RC Secondary Modern Heriot Street
F 3   St Catherines C of E Cambridge Street
    St Cecilia's RC Infants Snafell Avenue, Tuebrook
    St Cecilia's RC Juniors Green Lane, Tuebrook
D 2   St Chads C of E Walton Breck Road, Everton
    St Chads School Lane, Kirkby
    St Charles RC Primary Aigburth Road, Toxteth Park
    St Christophers RC Primary Tarbock Road, Speke
D 2   St Chrysostoms C of E Mill Road, Everton
G 1   St Clares RC Garmoyle Road
F 4   St Clements Upper Stanhope Street
G 4   St Cleopas C of E Beresford Road, Toxteth Park
    St Columba’s RC Hillside Road, Huyton
E 3   St Columba's C of E Pleasant Street, Liverpool
    St Cuthberts RC Aviemore Road, Old Swan
    St Cyrils RC Southbrook Road, Netherley
    St Dominics RC Southdean Road, Huyton
F 2   St Dunstans Earle Road, Edge Hill
G 3   St Edmunds C of E
1981 - Archbishop Blanch
Devonshire Road
orig Colquitt Street
    St Edmunds RC Oxford Road, Waterloo
C 3   St Edwards Catholic College 1848 - St Domingo Road, Everton
1938 - Sandfield Park, West Derby
    St Edwards Thomas Lane, Broadgreen
D 2   St Elizabeths Catholic Institute
later Cardinal Godfrey
Breckfield Road South
    St Elizabeths RC Webster Street, Litherland
    St Finbars RC Infants and Junior South Hill Road, Dingle
B 2   St Francis de Sales Hale Road, Walton
    St Francis of Assisi RC Earp Street, Garston
E 3   St Francis Xavier Catholic High Salisbury Street
E 3   St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary Haigh Street - Infants
Langsdale Street - Juniors
E 3   St Francis Xavier Ragged School Blandford Street
between Falkland St and Gildart St
    St Gabriels C of E Huyton Quarry
A 2   St George of England Fernhill Road, Bootle
G 4   St Georges RC Boys Secondary Modern
Mill Street, Dingle
D 2   St Georges C of E Infants Mere Lane, Everton
D 3   St Georges C of E Heyworth Street, Everton
D 3   St Georges C of E Northumberland Terrace, Grecian Terrace, Everton
E 2   St Georges RC Boys Industrial School West Derby Road
orig Everton Terrace
D 3   St Georges Industrial School Everton Crescent
E 1   St Georges Girls Industrial School Fairfield Street, Prescot Road
C 4   St Gerards RC Boundary Street, Everton
    St Gregorys RC Primary Montreal Road, Netherley
D 3   St Gregorys RC Secondary Modern Prince Edwin Street, Everton
G 2   St Hilda’s C of E High School
orig Sefton Park High School for Young Ladies
Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park
F 2   St Hughs RC Earle Road, Edge Hill
    St James RC Chesnut Grove, Bootle
F 4   St James C of E St James Road
C 3   St James the Less C of E Athol Street - girls and infants
Hankin Street - boys
    St Joan of Arc Hemans Street, Bootle
    St John Almond RC
orig Blessed John Almond RC
now St Benedicts
Horrocks Avenue, Garston
    St John Bosco
orig Mary Help of Christians
Stonedale Crescent, Croxteth
    St John the Baptist C of E Clifton Road, Tuebrook
G 3   St John Admiral Street, High Park Street
    St John the Baptist C of E Ragged School (Industrial) Wellington Road, Toxteth Park
later Wellington Road Secondary School
A 1   St John the Evangelist C of E Rice Lane, Walton-on-the-Hill
    St John the Evangelist C of E Thomas Lane, Knotty Ash
later Knotty Ash Primary
C 3   St Johns RC Primary
orig St Johns RC Secondary Modern
Sessions Road, Kirkdale - Infants
Fountains Road, Kirkdale - Juniors
B 3   St Johns C of E
aka St Johns Terrace
Brasenose Road, Bootle
D 1   St Johns C of E Ellerslie Road, Tuebrook
E 4   St Johns C of E Great Crosshall Street
    St Johns C of E Wellington Street, Waterloo
later Denmark Street, Waterloo
    St Josephs Litherland
D 3   St Josephs RC School
later Bishop Goss
Rose Place, Cazneau Street
    St Josephs RC Edenfield Crescent, Huyton
E 3   St Jude C of E Low Hill, Hardwick Street
    St Julie's Speke Rd, Woolton
    St Kevins Comprehensive Kirkby
B 2   St Lawrence C of E Croyland Street, Kirkdale
E 1   St Lucy's Home for Roman Catholic Girls Holly Road, Fairfield
E 4   St Luke's C of E Cropper Street
later Colquitt Street, Seel Street
    St Luke's C of E Great Crosby
G 4   St Malachys RC Beaufort Street
G 3   St Margaret Clitherow RC Ullet Road, Dingle
    St Margaret Marys RC Pilch Lane
F 3   St Margarets Princes Park Upper Hampton Street
D 1   St Margarets C of E, Anfield Lower Breck Road
D 2   St Margarets C of E Belmont Road, Anfield
Rocky Lane; Lombard Street (Higher Grade)
1963 - Aigburth Road
E 3   St Marks C of E Back Knight Street
Roscoe Street
D 3   St Martins C of E Blenheim Street
F 3   St Martins RC Secondary Modern Upper Hill Street, Toxteth - Boys
Dexter Street, Toxteth - Girls
    St Mary Magdalene Blandford Street,
between London Road and Islington
D 4   St Mary's RC Lower Milk Street
only Upper Milk Street and Milk Street remain
    St Mary's RC St Mary's Street, Woolton
D 4   St Mary's C of E St Paul Square
    St Mary's C of E Field View, Bootle
A 3   St Mary's C of E Irlam Road, Bootle
A 3   St Mary's C of E Waverley Street, Bootle
F 2   St Mary's C of E Highgate Street, Edge Hill
    St Mary's C of E King Street, Edge Hill
F 2   St Mary's C of E Kinglake Street, Edge Hill
C 3   St Mary's C of E Archer Street, Kirkdale - Junior Boys
Everton Valley - Girls and Infants
    St Mary's C of E King Street, Kirkdale
C 2   St Mary's C of E Walton Road, Kirkdale
B 2   St Mary's C of E Bedford Street, Walton
Heathcote Street, Walton
C 1   St Mary's C of E Cherry Lane, Clubmoor
F 1
F 2
  St Mary's C of E Rathbone Road, Wavertree
Wavertree Road, Wavertree - Infants
    St Mary's C of E Meadow Lane, West Derby
    St Matthew and St James C of E Bridge Road, Mossley Hill
    St Matthew's RC Queens Drive, Tuebrook
    St Matthew’s RC Secondary Modern Richard Kelly Drive, Walton
E 4   St Matthew’s Hackins Hey
D 3   St Matthew's C of E Everton Wilbraham Street, Vauxhall
D 4   St Matthias C of E Great Howard Street
    St Michael-in-the-Hamlet Neilson Road, Aigburth, Toxteth Park
E 2   St Michael's RC York Street, West Derby Road
D 2   St Michael's RC Secondary Modern Mill Road, Everton
    St Michael's C of E Lark Lane, Aigburth, Toxteth Park
F 4   St Michael's C of E South
orig St Michael’s National School
Cornwallis Street, Upper Frederick Street
    St Monica's RC Primary Fernhill Road, Bootle
orig Aintree Road, Bootle
    St Nicholas Church Road, Halewood
E 3   St Nicholas RC
orig Catholic Charity School
Hawke Street, Copperas Hill
later Orthes Street
E 3   St Nicholas RC Secondary Modern Brownlow Hill
    St Oswald's RC St Oswald Street, Old Swan - Infants
Montague Road, Old Swan - Juniors
    St Oswald's C of E Ronald Ross Avenue, Netherton
    St Paschal Baylon RC Chelwood Avenue, Childwall
F 4   St Patrick's RC
orig Benevolent Society of St Patrick
Chester Street
Hyslop Street
Upper Hill Street
Park Place
    St Paul's RC Bonsall Road, West Derby
B 3   St Paul's C of E Brasenose Road, Kirkdale
G 3   St Paul's C of E Byles Street, Dingle, Toxteth Park
E 4   St Peter and St Paul’s RC Moorfields
D 3   St Peter's Upper Beau Street
E 4   St Peter's RC Seel Street
    St Peter's C of E
later Much Woolton C of E
later Bishop Martin Primary
Church Road, Much Woolton
    St Peter's C of E Greenwich Road, Aintree
D 3   St Peter's C of E Sackville Street, Everton
    St Philip's C of E Church Road, Litherland
    St Philomena’s RC Sparrow Hall Lane, Fazakerley - Primary
Long Lane, Fazakerley - Secondary Modern
C 3   St Pius X RC Cranmer Street
D 3   St Polycarp's C of E Conway Street, Everton
    St Raymond's Harrops Croft, Bootle
A 3   St Richard's RC Merton Road, Bootle
    St Robert Bellarmines RC Harris Drive, Bootle
D 2   St Saviour's C of E Downing Street, Everton
F 3   St Saviour's C of E Upper Canning Street, Toxteth
E 1   St Sebastian's RC orig Lockerby Road
1980 - Holly Road, Fairfield
E 3   St Silas C of E Pembroke Street
G 3   St Silas C of E St Silas Street, Dingle, Toxteth Park
E 3   St Simon's C of E orig Bolton Street - 1857
later Bronte Street - 1894
E 4   St Stephen's C of E Byrom Street
F 3   St Stephen's the Martyr C of E Smithdown Lane
orig Mason Street
    St Stephen's C of E orig Grange Lane, Gateacre
Halewood Road, Gateacre
    St Swithin's RC
later Our Lady and St Swithin’s
Parkstile Lane, Gill Moss
Croxteth Hall Lane - Secondary Modern
D 4   St Sylvester's RC Silvester Street, Titchfield Street
    St Teresa of Lisieux RC Infants Utting Avenue East
    St Teresa's RC Juniors Utting Avenue East
    St Teresa’s RC Secondary Modern Storrington Avenue
    St Thomas a Becket RC High School Longview Drive, Huyton
F 2   St Thomas Becket RC Secondary Modern for Boys Spekeland Road, Wavertree
E 2   St Thomas RC Mount Vernon Green
D 4   St Thomas RC Gardners Row
    St Thomas RC Oxford Road, Waterloo
G 4   St Thomas C of E Grafton Street, Toxteth
Upper Frederick Street
    St Thomas C of E Thompson Road, Seaforth
Bedford Place, Seaforth
D 4   St Titus C of E Portland Street
F 4   St Vincent de Paul RC Norfolk Street
Pitt Street
E 3
  St Vincent’s School for the Blind RC
orig Catholic Blind Institute
Yew Tree Lane, West Derby
orig Islington
then St Anne Street
then Brunswick Street
    St Wilfred's Orrell Road, Litherland
D 4   St William and St Thomas Edgar Street
G 4   St Winefride’s RC Secondary Modern - Girls Park Street, Dingle, Toxteth
A 3   St Winefride’s Church View, Bootle
Merton Road, Bootle
C 1   Stanley Park
aka Anfield Comprehensive
Woodland Road
Priory Road
    Star of the Sea
aka Seaforth Vale North
Kepler Street, Seaforth
D 2   Steers Street Steers Street, Everton
    Stockton Wood Stockton Wood Road, Speke
    Stonebridge Lane Primary Stonebridge Lane, Croxteth
    Stonebridge Lane Secondary Modern
later Croxteth Comprehensive
Stonebridge Lane, Croxteth
    Sudley Dundonald Road, Aigburth - Infants
Aigburth Road, Aigburth - Juniors
    Sylvester Council School St Johns Road, Huyton
C 2   Teulon Street
later Eileen Craven Comprehensive
Teulon Street
D 3   The Beacon Heyworth Street, Everton
    The Grange Stonyfield, Sefton
    The Holt
aka The Holt Comprehensive
later Childwall Sports College
Queens Drive, Childwall
    Thingwall Institute Thingwall Lane
    Thomas Gray
aka Salisbury Road
Salisbury Road, Bootle
G 3   Tiber Street
later Arundel Comprehensive
Tiber Street, Lodge Lane, Toxteth Park
G 4   Toxteth County Primary
aka Upper Park Street School
Upper Park Street
    Toxteth Park Girls Industrial Dingle Lane, Dingle, Toxteth Park
G 4   Toxteth Park Girls Reformatory Parkhill Road, Dingle, Toxteth Park
    Toxteth Technical Trades Preparatory School
later Arundel Comprehensive
later Shorefields
Aigburth Road, Toxteth Park
G 1   Trinity District C of E
later Wavertree C of E
Rose Villas, Prince Alfred Road, Wavertree
    Underlea orig Aigburth
later Thingwall Lane, Knotty Ash
E 3   Unitarian School Mount Pleasant
F 3   University Community Comprehensive
orig Blackburne House
Blackburne Place
D 3   Upper Parliament Street Independent School Salisbury Street
C 2   Venice Street
later Breckfield School
Venice Street, Anfield
    Victoria School
aka Victoria School, Grassendale
Seddon Road, Garston
F 3   Vine Street Vine Street
E 3   Walnut Street School Walnut Street
    Walton Academy
aka Mr and Mrs Holt's Walton Academy - 1787
    Walton Breck Trinity C of E
aka Holy Trinity
Walton Breck Road
A 1   Walton RC Infants and Juniors
later Blessed Sacrament Infants and Juniors
Park Road, Walton
Cedar Road, Walton
B 2   Walton Grammar St Mary’s Churchyard, Walton
C 2   Walton Lane Walton Road, Kirkdale
C 2   Walton Road Day Industrial School Walton Road
    Warbreck Moor
aka Longmoor Lane
Longmoor Lane, Walton
    Warwick Bolam Secondary School
later Warwick Bolam High School
later Bootle High School
Glovers Lane, Bootle
    Watergate Special School Woolton
    Waterloo Crosby Road North
    Waterloo Grammar School Cambridge Road, Waterloo
C 2   Watford Road Watford Road, Anfield
D 3   Watmough Street Watmough Street, Everton
G 1   Wavertree C of E
orig Trinity District C of E
Rose Villas, Prince Alfred Road, Wavertree
    Wavertree Infants Mill Lane, Wavertree
F 2   Webster Road Webster Road, Edge Hill
    Wellesbourne Primary
orig Abbotsford Road Secondary Modern
Abbotsford Road, Norris Green
G 4   Wellington Road C of E
orig St John the Baptist
Wellington Road, Dingle, Toxteth Park
D 3   Welsh Calvinist Methodists Prince Edwin Street, Everton
E 3   Welsh Charity Day School Russell Street
A 3   Wesleyan Methodist School Balliol Road, Bootle
E 3   Wesleyan Methodist School Erskine Street
    West Derby C of E Carr Lane
    West Derby Comprehensive Quarry Road
B 2   Westminster
later St Lawrence
later Kirkdale St Lawrence
Westminster Road, Kirkdale
    West Derby Orphanage Industrial School Town Row, West Derby
B 2   White Thorn Barlow Lane, Walton
D 2   Whitefield Road Wesleyan White Rock Street, Boundary Lane, Everton
    William Gladstone C of E
later Rimrose Hope
Thomson Road, Seaforth
F 3   Windsor Upper Hill Street
    Winstone Road Primary Winstone Road, Dovecot
    Woolton Out Lane, Woolton
    Yew Tree County Comprehensive
orig Finch Park Secondary Modern
later Dovecot County Comprehensive
Fincham Road, Dovecot
C 3   York Terrace York Terrace, Everton

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