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Somehow, down the line we let our politicians 'decide' what's best for us in their opinion rather than represent our majority view.

In this day and age with the internet and its capacity to have referendums on any subject, it might be time to take back control and hold them to representing OUR majority aims if they want OUR vote.

For far too long politicians of all parties have used Party Politics to rely on the loyalty and, some would say, blind voting by party, ie, I've always voted Labour and so I always will; and this is the very thing that allows them to play politics with our futures, safe in the knowledge that they will survive whatever they do.

Perhaps, the time has come for People Politics where we decide what is best for our city by referendum and majority vote rather than past allegiances. We vote only for politicians who AGREE to carry out our collective majority needs and provide us with strategic milestones so that we can all check and see that our needs are being carried out as we wish and progressing in the right directions with total transparency.

After all, who in their right mind would contract with a consultancy to carry out lucrative work if that consultancy could demand that the end product of that public work cannot be published and will remain in private hands.

If you agree and this way forward appeals to you, please spread the word and tweet everyone you can with this page - - because the more people who vote, the more credibility we'll all have.





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